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Off-ice Speed and Conditioning

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Borggaard hockey Schools introduces:

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Want to gain the edge on your competition?
Spring /Summer Off-Ice clinics
** clinic SOLD OUT**

**Camps are an hour long consisting of a dynamic warm up, agility footwork drills, plyometrics, sprinting and cardiovascular drills, upper & lower body strength, flexibility, and abdominal core exercises.
-please note clinics will be held  rain or shine (unless Thunderstorms)
Want to skate or run faster? Do you want to be more agile, have more quickness in your step, have more stamina, and become stronger on the ice or playing field? Learn sport specific training techniques (any anaerobic sport such as hockey, baseball, football, lacrosse, track & field, soccer, tennis, etc...) to increase ones overall performance and get you in top shape for the upcoming season. Learn and take part of hockey dryland training and plyometrics that is becoming the buzz among hockey rinks and playing fields.

Today's players are bigger, faster, quicker, and stronger than they used to be. As the game changes so has the training and preparation. Our program is put together by Andrew Borggaard an ex-professional hockey player and holder of an Exercise Science degree and elite fitness background. Our program will focus on speed, acceleration, foot quickness, agility, upper & lower body strength, core strength, endurance, and overall jump in your step.Our program will increase players power and strength on the ice. It will also improve speed and agility with hockey specific drills that will show results on the ice.

It doesnt matter how talented you are, if you dont work on your conditioning, you will never reach your full potential as an athlete. Our believe and of many NHL players and trainers is that conditioning and off-ice training could be the difference between beating someone to a loose puck and beating someone to the goal on a break away. This training program is a mainstay in every junior,college, and NHL  hockey program in the country.


By committing yourself you have already taken a step towards becoming a better hockey player and overall athlete.

Our philosophy with our camps is to spread the knowledge we learned from the many years spent training with the world's top trainers and coaches and to teach the young athletes and future stars of tomorrow.



Peter Ferraro-(Boston Bruins,NY Rangers,Pittsburg Penguins,Washington Capitals,U.S Olympic Team)

 "Off-ice training including plyometrics has been very important part of my success becoming a pro hockey player. If you want to become a faster, quicker player with more explosiveness in your stride then plyometrics will be very beneficial to you. A program such as this is a great guide to becoming a faster, stronger, more agile, and more powerful skater on the ice. Along with working out and knowing  Andrew Borggaard for many years I would highly recommend his training program to any serious hockey player looking to taking his game to the next level"