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Borggaard Background
For more than 40 years Borggaard Construction has established itself as one of New England's largest site development contractors . With nearly 100 employees  and more than 150 pieces of heavy equipment, Borggaard has been recognized as one of the leaders in the field.  Major projects include sub-divisions, large commercial, retail and industrial site projects, airport runways, landfill construction, shopping malls, landfill caps , and road construction.
 Today, the second generation of Borggaards, Andrew Borggaard, continues the tradition with Borggaard Development . Andrew's goal and focus is to continue the hard work and integrity of the Borggaard name by building custom luxury homes  and remodeling in the Metro West area. By priding himself in superior customer service , fine craftmanship, and meticulous attention to details, Andrew's goal is to make the customer happy while surpassing all expectations.
 Andrew is highly qualified with  a Massachusetts  state issued CSL Builders License , Home Improvement contractor's license, and a Massachusetts Real Estate License . Borggaard Development is a proud member of the National Association of Home Builders, Home Builder's Association of Massachusetts, and the Builders Association of Central Massachusetts.

Borggaard Equipment in Action


Borggaard crew installing drainage pipe.


Borggaard off-road truck in action.


Borggaard dozer spreading loam.

"Builders of Fine Luxury Homes"

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