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Grafton is a community of about 13,000 located to the southeast of Worcester. Residents feel it is a unique community, because of the commitment of its citizens to civic needs and to the work of community organizations. The town also sees an inextricable link between Grafton's natural setting and its human resources. The town is proud of its historical structures and districts, of the impressive Blackstone River and of the diversity of land uses within the community ranging from farming to forest, residential to commercial activities. Grafton shows a great deal of economic diversity, with both agrarian businesses and the development of the most sophisticated research facilities. All elements of the community including civic organizations, businesses and volunteers, work together to promote and maintain the clear sense of what Grafton means to its residents.
East central
Massachusetts, bordered by Upton and Westborough on the east and northeast, Shrewsbury on the north, Worcester ; 30 miles east of Boston; 40 miles northwest of Providence, Rhode Island; and 182 miles from New York City
. Narrative compiled by the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD).


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